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CD-ROM drive races ahead

Teac announces a 24X CD-ROM drive that will be one of the fastest available.

Drive maker Teac today announced a new 24X CD-ROM drive, adding its name to a growing list of vendors bringing out super-fast CD-ROM drives.

The CD-524E 24X will ship in June for $149.

The drive allows users to read most areas of CD-ROM discs at 24X, though it reads some areas at speeds as low as 12X. The drive achieves a maximum throughput of 3,600 kbps when reading at 24X speed.

The 24X spin rate will make the Teac drive one of the fastest available CD-ROM drives on the market. In recent years, drive rates have risen as manufacturers have competed for this title. Faster CD-ROM drives allow PC users to view richer multimedia content such as video at higher speeds, with less time spent waiting for data to load.

The CD-524E 24X is Windows 95 plug-and-play compatible and will read both 8- and 12-centimeter discs, as well as audio, CD-ROM, CD-I, multisession Photo CD, video CD, and Enhanced CD formats.