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CD 'Ripserver': The pack rat's worst enemy

Just pop a disc in the slot, and it will automatically rip and archive up to 1 terabyte of music.


There are some people who just can't bear to part with musty old vinyl albums, let alone their CD collections. As a result, they often rely on the excuse that it's just too much trouble to convert them into MP3 files and store them (though we know the real reason). So to help them through their recovery, something like the "Ripserver" may be in order.

This innocuous-looking device from Ireland-based Ripfactory is only slightly bigger than a shoebox but can hold up to 1 terabyte of music, according to BornRich. Better still, all that needs to be done is insert the CD into its slot, and the Ripserver will automatically rip and archive it before unceremoniously spitting out the obsolete form of media.

Using Linux technology, the Ripserver also works with other devices that can plug into its USB port, whether they be game consoles or thumb drives. The downside: Now you'll have time to tackle those boxes of baseball cards.