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CBS Webcast: Examining McCain-Obama debate No. 2

The economy was front and center for the presidential candidates, and former eBay chief Meg Whitman gets a name-check. Katie Couric and the CBS News political team offer a recap.

With just four weeks to go until Election Day, John McCain and Barack Obama met again Tuesday night in the second of three presidential debates.

The White House hopefuls covered familiar ground on topics ranging from the economy and the government's financial rescue plan to how to handle complex foreign policy hot spots, including Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran.

On the tech front, not much was said in the debate, which followed a town-hall format, though McCain suggested that he has considered former eBay CEO Meg Whitman as a potential Secretary of the Treasury. Whitman got second billing, though--McCain first named Warren Buffett as a fine choice for that office. Obama allowed that he likes Buffett's economic savvy, too.

For a recap and analysis of Tuesday's debate, check out the Debate Webcast presented here from Katie Couric and the CBS News political team. (It was originally presented immediately after the event.) The CBS Webcast features questions submitted from Web users before and during the debate.