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CBS Radio sues Howard Stern

CBS Radio, where shock-jock Howard Stern ruled the airwaves before defecting to the Sirius satellite network, has sued Stern for his "continuous promotion" of Sirius on air before his broadcast gig had finished.

The suit charges Stern with misappropriating "millions of dollars worth of CBS Radio airtime" to promote his new show on Sirius. That hype helped Stern boost Sirius' subscriber ranks, which in turn gave the shock jock an accelerated payment in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Sirius stock.

Stern has also kept CBS Radio property, in the form of recordings made while he was under contract, the suit alleges. The suit was filed in state court in New York.

In a preemptimve news conference earlier in the day, Stern accused CBS of having a "vendetta" against him, according to Reuters.