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CBS Radio sports head to Sprint cell phones

Companies partner with MSpot to broadcast three sports stations, other related content on Sprint PCS mobiles.

CBS Radio announced Monday that three of its sports stations can now be heard via MSpot Sports on Sprint PCS cell phones.

New York's WFAN-AM radio station, Chicago's WSCR-AM and Philadelphia's WIP-AM, along with other sports-related content, are available as part of MSpot Sports' $5.95 per month subscription.

The subscription service is available to Sprint PSC Network users with MSpot-compatible cell phones, CBS Radio said.

The service could be popular for sports fans living out of radio range of their favorite team's local broadcasts.

CBS declined to discuss the financial details of the deal, but a spokeswoman did confirm published reports that CBS will receive revenue generated from the subscriptions.

The three channels added to the MSpot Sports package are CBS Radio's top sports stations in the country. Programs included on these stations include "Imus in the Morning" and "Mike and the Mad Dog."

MSpot said it already offers premium live streaming and on-demand content for mobile phones, including movies via MSpot Movies, music and related news via MSpot Music, and radio programming via MSpot Radio.

The CBS Radio-MSpot deal is another example of content providers and mobile providers partnering to create new services in order to stay competitive. Earlier this year, Cingular launched a mobile TV service with ESPN, NBC and the Cartoon Network.