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CBS live Webcast: Election results

We'll soon have an answer to the question that's been building for months: who'll be the next U.S. president? The CBS News Political Team will provide up-to-date reporting.

With Tuesday afternoon upon us and what could be record numbers of voters lining up to cast their ballots, it won't be long now before the Election 2008 campaigns are history, and the United States has a new president-elect.

Our colleagues at CBS News will be providing full-bore coverage, updated every 60 seconds, throughout the evening as the Electoral College results start adding up. In addition, Katie Couric and the CBS News Political Team will deliver live, exclusive Web coverage, including a Web-only show after the network reporting ends.

As during the presidential debates, you're encouraged to submit questions and comments about the contest between John McCain and Barack Obama that could become part of the CBS Webcast.