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CBS adds TV shows to iTunes

Episodes from "Survivor," the three major "CSI" programs, "NCSI" and "Numb3rs" cost $1.99 each.

CBS and Apple Computer announced Thursday that certain CBS programs are now available for download on iTunes. "Survivor," the three major "CSI" programs, "NCSI" and "Numb3rs" are now available for download and cost $1.99 for each episode. The release includes the 2005-2006 season for each show. More shows and episodes are planned for release once the new television season begins, according to a CBS statement. Each new episode will be made available for download the day after it has aired on network television.

In May, CBS launched Innertube, a broadband channel that features supplementary programming to popular shows, as well as new ones. The supplements include shorts and behind-the-scenes interviews with stars of popular CBS programs. iTunes already offers programming for download from ABC, Comedy Central, the Discovery Channel, FOX, NBC, , USA, Sci-Fi, and others. Since October, more than 30 million videos have been sold, according to Apple.