CBS adds Launchcast to its online radio arsenal

Launchcast, Yahoo's streaming music site, joins and AOL Radio in CBS's online radio arsenal.

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A quick note from the continuing Yahoo drama: today the company agreed to sell off Launchcast, its streaming music service, to CBS. (Disclosure: CBS is the publisher of This continues Yahoo's movement out of the music biz--it sold its subscription service to RealNetworks back in February.

If it keeps going at this rate, CBS will have to add an ear to its logo.

More interesting than Yahoo's exit is the buyer. Launchcast now sits alongside and AOL Radio (which is best-loved on the iPhone) in CBS's online radio arsenal. According to this report in All Things Digital, Launchcast will become more like AOL Radio, focusing primarily on pre-programmed playlists and Webcasts of terrestrial radio stations, while will remain the company's flagship property for user-generated playlists.

It's interesting that CBS still sees a lot of opportunity in preprogrammed (top-down) online radio. By way of comparison, look at News Corp's recent launch of MySpace Music, which is focused on the idea that users will hunt down their favorite artists and songs and then assemble playlists (bottom up). CBS's approach makes sense--you might as well appeal to all segments of the listening audience, and some Internet users simply don't have the time to bother with custom playlists, or even with recommendation-driven services like and Pandora.

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