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Caymas to open with security gateways

Security start-up Caymas Systems launches Monday with products to protect the flow of corporate data.

Security start-up Caymas Systems is expected to formally launch on Monday with a product line of identity gateway appliances that lets users get to corporate information while denying access to intruders.

Caymas funnels access from within and outside the firewall through its products to the local area network and data center. Caymas gateways identify users, determine which devices they are using to gain access, what applications they want to use, and whether they are engaging in behavior that would put that information at risk, the company says.

"Enterprises are opening up their networks to remote employees and business partners, said Caymas CEO Terry Brown. "They wanted to take a holistic view on providing access to their information."

The company, which has raised $37 million in funding since its formation in 2002, competes against low-end gateway appliance makers and software companies, said Sanjay Uppal, Caymas' vice president of marketing.

Low-end gateway devices screen outside users trying to access the corporate network, but do not address internal users, Sanjay said. Software companies provide security screening for internal and external users, but the cost is higher for customers using security software, he added.

The appliances, which can be clustered, range from the Caymas 220 that sells for $9,995 and can handle 100 concurrent users with 100 Mbps encrypted information, to the Caymas 525 that lists for $44,995 and can carry 2,500 concurrent users and 1 Gbps encrypted information.