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Dog unleashes fury on TV

This four-legged fiend gets caught red-handed in a game of tug of war with the TV cord. Spoiler: the dog wins.

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Ever wonder what your pet does when you're not around?

If you're a city dwelling pet owner you've probably set up or considered setting up a baby monitor/security camera to keep tabs on your furry friends when you're not around. And while most of the time it ends up being a collection of sleeping shots with the occasional sneak-up on the couch, you never expect to see this...

While at work, San Francisco resident Jenn Ebling received an email from the Nest Cam in her apartment notifying her of a loud noise.

When she reviewed the footage, she quickly realized it was not a burglar busting through the door, but a four-legged fiend caught red-handed in a game of tug of war with what appears to be a white leash.

Lola, her 1-year-old Australian shepherd rescue, discovered a tasty-looking cord on the floor and decided to give it a tug. This game proved entertainment until you see something come crashing down from the wall. Turns out her playmate was the cable attached to a 50-inch Roku TV.

Fortunately Lola escaped unscathed, but the TV wasn't as lucky. According to Ebling, it's still in working condition, but the screen is cracked and currently looking for a new home. The new TV is now bolted to the wall and all the cables in the apartment have been relocated to run along the ceiling in case Lola ever feels like trying this game again.

With contribution from Jeff Sparkman.