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'Cats vs Zombies' pits feline fighters against the biting dead

In a world where zombies wants to snack on kittens, two unlikely feline heroes step up to eliminate the threat.

This cat is way smarter than a horde of zombies. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

We all know cats are nature's cute and fluffy little killing machines. They mercilessly stalk small prey, slaughter hair bands by the thousands and disembowel catnip-filled toy mice without regret.

What we didn't know is that feline hunting prowess can be harnessed in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Mr.TVCow, a YouTube maker of special-effects-heavy comedy clips, filmed a short video showing how some well-equipped cats handle a delicate rescue operation of a kitten that's under zombie threat. Beware: There are plenty of bloody zombie-blasting special effects. If you enjoy "The Walking Dead," you'll be fine with this.

Humans aren't faring too well in this world. The undead are mowing them down at an alarming rate. The cats, however, show off some serious MacGyver skills by combining matches, rocks, a set of earbuds, a boombox and some perfect marksmanship to take out an undead horde.

There is a bit of a surprise ending, but I won't spoil it for you.

The video came out last week, timed to promote the September 11 season premiere of the Syfy network's "Z Nation" zombie series.

One thing you won't find much of in "Z Nation" is kittens. If you want to add to your cat fix, then look to Mr.TVCow's previous works, including " Super Mario Cat," in which a fluffy house cat takes out Mario baddies, and "Assassin's Kittens Unity," a version of Assassin's Creed starring capable kittens.

(Via Geeks are Sexy)