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Catching up with Symbian

Catching up with Symbian

Now that the Nokia E62 is out on Cingular, we suspect a number of business users will snatch up this powerful smart phone. However, unlike the Palm and Windows Mobile operating systems, the Symbian OS doesn't enjoy quite the same fame or familiarity in the United States. Yesterday, we sat down with Symbian CEO Nigel Clifford and executive vice president of research David Wood for an informal discussion about the OS and its developments and how cell phone usage differs in the United States compared to Europe and Asia. (We're behind the times, clearly.) The company's optimistic that we'll catch up, though, and thinks the open-source nature of the Symbian OS, coupled with the U.S. launches of the Nokia E series and N series, can help us get there. Check out David's Insight series, where he talks about the present and future state of the smart phone industry. It's an interesting read and a good resource.