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Catch up on 'The Walking Dead' with the help of John Cleese

The "Monty Python" man gets us ready for season 7 with a video recapping the gory story so far.

"Monty Python" star John Cleese (right) and friend, who is very definitely not pining for the fjords.

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British comedy legend John Cleese knows a dead parrot when he sees one, and it seems he knows all about "The Walking Dead" too.

In time for the hotly anticipated seventh season of AMC's smash-hit zombie show, UK broadcaster Sky has recruited Cleese to recap seasons 1-6. If you need reminding of Rick and the gang's gory journey so far or you've ever wondered how many stars Woodbury would get on TripAdvisor, the former "Monty Python" has you covered.

The video brings up up to date with a reminder of the brutal cliffhanger that left fans reeling at the arrival of brutal new villain Negan.

Season 7 of "The Walking Dead" begins on Sunday 23 October in the US and the following day in the UK and Australia. The new season will join all the previous seasons on Sky's wallet-friendly online on-demand service Now TV from 24 October.