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Catch this gold Pikachu Pokemon trading card for $2,000

The Pokemon Company is celebrating 20 years of the Pokemon Trading Card Game by reissuing the original Pikachu card in 24K gold.

The Pokemon Company

While the Pokemon Trading Card Game may have been put aside for more modern endeavours, this 20 year celebratory card might be that one final must-have for the die-hard collector out there.

To celebrate the TCG's 20th anniversary, the Pokemon Company is reissuing the first ever Pikachu card in striking 24K gold. The card itself weighs 11 grams (0.4 ounces) and comes in a display case made of acrylic.

Japan has a history of celebrating anniversaries with opulent use of precious metals. In 2014, Tokyo jeweller Ginza Tanaka, who worked on this Pikachu card, created a 15kg, 24cm (11lb, 9 inches) statue of Godzilla for its 60th anniversary with an asking price of $1.5 million.

The gold card comes months after the release of Pokemon Go, which, with over 500 million downloads, revitalised the public's Pokemania.

For those of you who want to have this limited edition card, you can purchase the card from either the Pokemon Company website here or through online retailer 7net here for the cool sum of ¥216,000 (US$2,060, AU$2,700, £1,700). You have until November 7 to catch this special Pikachu.