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Catch some rays on a portable floating beach

Though you probably wouldn't want to take a dip in NYC's Hudson River, soon you might be able to sunbathe on the river with this beach barge concept.

City Beach NYC

While you wouldn't immediately think of beaches when imagining the Big Apple, the city has several that residents can enjoy. None, however, are as cool as this City Beach NYC concept by designer Blayne Ross, who hopes to put a beach atop a massive converted barge that cruises up and down the Hudson River.

The upper deck of the barge would feature several sand-laden sunbathing areas, as well as retail spaces and restaurants so visitors could entertain themselves for the duration of their journey. The lower deck would contain changing rooms and a marine science exhibit that details the history of the Hudson River and teaches visitors about the river's water quality and local marine life.

Ross' goal is to offer free admission to the City Beach barge, which will make its money selling amenities such as umbrellas, beach chairs, and cabanas. Of course, the plan will need funding if it's to become reality, and City Beach NYC will soon launch a $200,000 crowdfunding campaign to get the project up and sunning. If you'd like to stay up to date on this project, you can sign up for a mailing list on the City Beach NYC site.

(Via Gizmag)