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'Cat Rap': Yo, dawg, an ode to online kitty videos everywhere

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with cat videos? Billed as a love song to cat videos, this rap video from the Four Screws Loose comedy group might be your new jam.

Can't get enough of that wonderful fluff? A new rap video from London comedy group Four Screws Loose is a love song for cat videos on YouTube, and the many kitty-lovers addicted to them.

"This is for anyone who pretends to work, when actually they're watching YouTube videos," the video starts.

"Justin Bieber, who? Charlie bit my... who cares? I just watched a cat fart. Nothing else compares," the guys rap.

Some will surely find the video funnier than others, but those in Internets-ville who just can't stop watching Grumpy Cat, ninja cat and the other countless cats doing wonderful and silly things on YouTube will probably love it. Best of all, the short includes dozens of clips from some of the more popular videos out there, so you can relive your favorite flashes of funny feline foolishness in one sitting.

What better way to take a break from watching YouTube cat videos than by watching a YouTube video about cat videos? Because yo, dawg, I heard you like cat videos.