Cat Map: Like Google Maps, but for felines

The London Zoo has set up an interactive map that lets you find cats all around the world -- and add your own furry friend.

Cat Map
Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia

It's like Google Maps, but for finding cats: Cat Map, a Web site set up by the London Zoo.

Have you ever wanted to stare at a global map of cats? Just hang out on a world map, seeing where all the cats are? Well, now you can.

The Zoological Society of London set up the Web site to promote tiger conservation and its tiger sanctuary, opening March 22, but the map lets you see beloved felines, not just from London, but everywhere.

If you want to narrow your browsing down to, say, gray female kittens, a handy search function lets you search for cats by color, gender, and age, while a little pie chart shows the proportions of cat colors.

To help out with the global survey of cats, you can add your own little fuzzy friend to the map. Head on over to Cat Map to get started.

This story originally appeared on CNET Australia.

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