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Cat as game controller? It's kind of purrfect

Watch a happy cat help a player master a musical rhythm game -- and get a massage at the same time.

If you're good at playing rhythm video games, you might want to consider using your cat as the controller. 

In a video posted over the weekend, a Japanese gamer uses a very relaxed cat stretched across the bottom of an iPad as a controller to play the Sega rhythm game Chunithm.

YouTuber user fubuki765 taps his fingers on the cat's body while keeping time with the game's music. The result appears to be a very content cat.

But before you get too impressed with this gaming-cat-massage bonding moment, know that the video is slightly misleading. 

"While pet and owner alike are thoroughly enjoying themselves, fubuki765, unfortunately, hasn't exactly found a way to combine petting a kitty and playing video games," Sora News 24 blog notes. "Chunithm is an arcade exclusive, with no home version, so what's being shown on his tablet isn't the game running in real time, but a pre-recorded video, with fubuki765 merely pretending to play the game."

The video is still fun to watch, and maybe it will inspire a game developer somewhere to create a game that's soothing for both human player and cat at the same time.