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Castle!: A construction kit that lets RPGers storm the walls

Castle Foundry aims to take tabletop game environments to a new level with a stackable castle kit.

Castle! prototype
This shows a prototype of a Castle! kit. Castle Foundry

Some of my fondest childhood toy memories revolve around Legos. About the time my brother showed up with a Dungeons & Dragons book, we left the Legos behind. Thanks to the thriving world of role-playing miniatures, that sense of building and creation doesn't have to be consigned to the depths of childhood.

It's always been easy to get your hands on miniature monsters and knights, but creating landscapes for them to play in is another matter. The Castle! Kickstarter from Castle Foundry is looking to provide RPGers with a setting that is just as engaging as their carefully painted minis.

Castle! emerged out of the mist and into my in-box courtesy of William Chesser, a long-ago friend from college. It was interesting to reconnect and find out that a guy who lived in my dorm has spent the last 12 years dreaming up and designing a tabletop gaming castle construction kit with his buddy Jeremy Lehrman.

As a construction system, Castle! looks pretty capable. It's designed to feel like real stone. It can be built up, broken down, moved around, and rearranged. It will make a lot of sense to anyone who spends hours custom-painting their minis, building back stories, and rolling dice with friends. Others may scratch their heads and say, "Huh?"

If Castle! has a major challenge to overcome, it's the price. A basic straight wall kit goes for a $42 pledge while a double-foot wall kit is $90 for a design that is a little over 1 foot in length. Still, the prices aren't crazy once you look into the cost of dungeon kits.

What makes Castle! stand out is that it can stack up high. Your orcs and warriors will have a serious battle on their hands when they approach the castle walls. Better heat up the boiling oil and call the guards to arms. You're going to need them.