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Casio's thin Z150 offers a wide view

The latest Exilim boasts an attractive set of features, including a wide-angle view, for an equally attractive price.

Though I've yet to see one of these ultraslim ultracompact cameras produce great photos, the specifications on Casio's new Exilim EX-Z150 have me crossing my fingers.

Casio Exilim EZ-Z150
Casio Exilim EZ-Z150 Casio

The 8-megapixel camera incorporates an f/2.6-5.9 28-112mm-equivalent 4x zoom lens, which offers the widest angle of view we've seen at that size, and is one of the few ultracompacts in general to provide it. Since people usually use cameras like this for group and travel snapshots, the wide angle is a nice feature to have. It also offers sensor-shift image stabilization; while most of its competitors do too, many slim cameras opt for ineffective electronic stabilization. Finally, it has a nice, large 3-inch LCD, making it the only wide-angle ultracompact with such a big display.

Casio's also pricing the Z150 aggressively: $199, where most of the competition already streets at well over $200. It'll come in silver, black, red, green, and pink when it ships in September.