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Casio's H20G megazoom does geotagging indoors

Thanks to a unique Hybrid GPS technology, Casio says the EX-H20G is the first digital camera to be able to geotag images indoors.


Having tested all the latest GPS-enabled compact megazooms, I can tell you that holding onto a signal isn't easy, particularly in a city. Casio's Hybrid GPS in its Exilim EX-H20G announced today looks like it is up to task, though.

The Hybrid GPS system combines a GPS receiver with a motion sensor that allows for autonomic positioning. Should you lose your signal, a three-way accelerometer and a three-way direction sensor combine to keep track of your movements in relation to the last coordinate received. The camera can then continue to track and geotag your photos even if you're indoors. It'll continue to search for a signal every 10 minutes until it connects to a satellite and updates your location.

A location database with approximately 1 million items is included so you get the name of the shooting location on the screen. The H20G also contains world atlas data with detailed maps of 140 world cities and 10,000 popular sightseeing landmarks. Plus, the camera's digital compass and embedded maps can be used for general navigation.

Aside from its geotagging capabilities, the H20G looks like and has the specs of Casio's 14-megapixel EX-H15, with a 10x f3.2-5.7 24-240mm lens; a 3-inch LCD (460K pixel); 720p HD-quality movie capture (H.264) with a dedicated record button; sensor-shift image stabilization; and a newly developed Exilim Engine HS for advanced image processing with two parallel image processors for more accurate and faster image processing.

The EX-H20G will be available in November for $349.99.