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Casio's Bluetooth watch will talk to your smartphone

Casio claims its low-energy Bluetooth watch can notify you of alerts, find your phone, and call for help.

Casio Bluetooth watch
This watch may not look like much, but it'll buddy up with your smartphone. Casio

LAS VEGAS--It's no LG Watch Phone, but Casio does stroll down that path with a networked watch it's revealing--in prototype form--at CES.

Embedded Bluetooth capabilities act as a second screen to let you view smartphone notifications like incoming calls and e-mails while your phone is elsewhere--deep in a bag or lost in your house, for instance. If you do misplace your device, there's a phone-finding feature that can ring your handset.

One handy-looking feature for travelers is a time sync that will reset your watch to local time once your smartphone picks that up from the local network. In addition, Casio's Bluetooth watch promises to dial emergency services for help, and act as a pedometer to track your mileage.

Casio is also claiming that its Bluetooth timepiece sips as much energy as a typical watch.

It doesn't appear very stylish at first glance, and we do wonder if the Casio offering will follow the LG Watch Phone in a poof of vaporware, but in the meantime, we'll supply you with a hands-on look when we can.