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Casio to release Exilim phone in U.S.?

An FCC document is spotted with Casio Exilim phone documents.

Possible new Casio Exilim phone?
Possible new Casio Exilim phone? FCC

The only Casio phones in the U.S. so far have been of the rugged G'zOne variety, which don't always have the best cameras. That might change, however, as it looks like Casio may be planning an Exilim phone release in the U.S., if this FCC document is to be believed. It looks like it'll have CDMA and EV-DO Rev. A so it'll likely head to either Sprint or Verizon.

As you know, Exilim is Casio's name for its line of cameras, so a Casio Exilim phone is likely to have a very good camera on it, something along the lines of Sony's Cybershot handsets or the Motorola Zine ZN5's partnership with Kodak. We're looking forward to see if this is real--perhaps at CES 2009? We'll see.