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Casio suckers bloggers into writing about upcoming G-Shock event

The Casio PR team is offering a prize for the blogger who writes the most creative blog about its upcoming 25th anniversary G-Shock event in New York.


I got an this e-mail Wednesday afternoon from the Casio PR team, suggesting that if I did a really good, creative blog post about Casio's upcoming 25th anniversary G-Shock Watch event on May 14 in New York, I might win a prize. Here's the whole tawdry e-mail:

Hey all!!

By now you should have received your invitation for our upcoming G-Shock anniversary celebration. This is going to be a very exciting evening for everyone and we are looking forward to having you join us. Please remember to wear your wristbands, as that is your ticket in the door and be sure to arrive between 6-6:30, as the doors will close after that for media. In addition, we are very excited to have you tell our story to your readers. As you may already know, this is a very private and exclusive event that is not open to the public but we want to make sure everyone knows how great it will be! That being said...

We are running a contest that will start today and end on May 14th. I have provided some "cool" aspects below of fun things that will be going on at the celebration on May 14th and Casio is challenging you to come up with an intriguing and informative post to get the word out to your readers. The site that receives the most hits and comments from readers will be determined the winner of our contest and that individual will receive a brand new, slim and stylish Casio digital camera, along with a brand new 25th anniversary G-Shock watch. So get your creative caps on and show G-Shock some support!!! Below are some interesting facts to incorporate into your post...

- Famed surfer Gabe Kling and G-Shock rider will be at the event showing G-Shock support.

- Director Spike Lee will be unveiling his exclusive collaboration watch with G-Shock.

- Supporting companies such as Monster Cable, Patron and Philosophy will be giving away some great gifts.

- Clothing companies LRG and In4mation will be displaying their G-Shock collaboration.

- Kanye West will be giving an exclusive performance and will be unveiling a special G-Shock message.

- Graffiti artist and designer of our 25th anniversary logo will be on site to discuss his initiatives with G-Shock.

- DJ Cassidy will spin it out in club G-Shock

Good luck with the challenge! Casio is looking forward to reading some creative posts!!!

What do you think, folks? Is that creative enough? Feel free to rewrite the press release and make your own gloriously snarky post. Perhaps Casio will let me give the camera (if I win) to the most creative poster since I can't keep it.