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Casio cranks it up to 10--megapixels, that is

Casio cranks it up to 10--megapixels, that is

Last year, Sharp celebrated the dubious achievement of cramming 10 megapixels onto the same 1/1.8-inch CCD that formerly hosted its ubiquitous 8-megapixel sensor. Now comes the wave of overstuffed ultracompacts that started with Vivitar at this year's PMA show. Casio's entry, the Exilim EX-Z1000, also improves upon its sibling, the EX-Z850, by adding a 230,000-pixel wide-screen 2.8-inch LCD. A novel new capability, Zoom Continuous Shutter, will let you shoot a wide shot and a telephoto one at the same time; although I don't know how the company is implementing it, the cranky voice in the back of my head is relentlessly chanting digital zoom. And I'll warn you right now: we're going to complain about the use of the same minimalist 38mm-to-114mm lens (35mm equivalent) that we complained about on the Z850. It's slated to ship this June for $399.99.