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Case-Mate ships new Kindle Fire cases

Looking for a new Kindle Fire case? Case-Mate now has three new cases available: the Venture, Tuxedo, and Hampton.

A steady stream of Kindle Fire cases have headed to stores and Case-Mate has three new ones: the Venture, Tuxedo, and Hampton.

Here's a quick skinny on all of them, ordered by size, least to most expensive.

The slim Tuxedo comes in brown or black and retails for $40 (click to enlarge). Case-Mate

The Tuxedo ($40) is a slim folio case that Case-Mate says is equipped with built-in and reusable MagicTape, "a double-sided adhesive that doesn't leave residue and never loses its grip." This one folds up into a stand with multiple viewing angles and also includes smart magnets that "put the Fire to sleep while not in use and awaken it upon opening." It's available available in brown or black and seems like the best option (of these three cases) for most people.

The Venture converts into a stand and costs $50 (click to enlarge). Case-Mate

The Venture ($50) is thicker than the Tuxedo, and, as you can see from the picture above, it doubles as a stand. It's available in only black with red trim (pictured).

Made out of swanky leather, the Hampton costs a whopping $130 and comes in brown or black. Case-Mate

Finally, you've got the Hampton, which doesn't appear on Case-Mate's site quite yet and is rather pricey at $130. That's apparently what premium Buffalo hide leather costs these days and this one's "finely crafted" in Turkey. Case-Mate claims the case "will make users feel as knowledgeable as the book they are reading." We're not sure how that's possible unless it's got a chip that magically beams knowledge to your brain, but it does look toughly swanky. Or is it swankily tough? Either way, the Hampton is available in brown or black.

I'll be blogging about more Kindle Fire cases (just received a few M-Edge cases) and putting together a top list when I've played around with enough of them. My early advice, however, is to make sure to get one that converts into stand. It's a must for video watching.