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Cartier sues Apple, then withdraws suit

Luxury watchmaker sued Apple on Friday because of third-party iPhone apps that tells time via a fake watch display. Satisfied that Apple had removed the apps, Cartier decides to drop the suit the next day.

It's been a busy 24 hours for Apple and Cartier lawyers.

Luxury watchmaker Cartier on Friday sued Apple for trademark infringement because of a pair of applications available on its App Store. By Saturday, however, Cartier decided to withdraw the suit, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Digitopolis Game Studio

At the heart of Cartier's infringement claim was a pair of apps called Fake Watch and Fake Watch Gold Edition. The apps are made by Digitopolis Game Studio, which interestingly enough, was not named in the lawsuit.

Filed in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the lawsuit claimed the applications give people the ability to tell time on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a display that simulates famous wristwatches.

Jonathan Lagarenne, Cartier's lawyer, said the lawsuit would be withdrawn because the company was satisfied that Apple had removed the apps from the store.

Representatives from Apple were not immediately available for comment.