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Carry your hard drive with you

The Zyxel NSA-200 is a dual-drive NAS unit that lets you bring your own hard drive.


Zyxel's new NSA-220 NAS drive plus media server offers two empty drive bays so that you can bring your own SATA drives, up to 1.5TB. The drives can be arranged in a RAID-0 or RAID-1 array, and the included Memeo software lets you set up autobackup of your data. Two USB ports let you connect additional hard drives or thumbdrives, and a "copy" button allows you to quickly duplicate the contents of an external drive (or an MP3 player or digital camera) to the NAS-220 without touching your PC.

Aside from acting as a repository for your data and multimedia files, the NAS-220 serves up your entertainment content to your home entertainment system via its built-in DLNA server. Because it's DLNA certified, it plays nicely with other DLNA devices, including Zyxel's own digital media adapter, the DMA-1000.

The NSA-220 will be available in the first quarter for $250.