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Carry your bicycle in your briefcase

Limited-edition Wallpaper bikes take the concept of the foldable bicycle to the next level with a cycle that fits in a bag.

International bike
The "International" bike, which starts at $3,815.65, features a limited-edition leather saddle produced especially for the bikes by Brooks. Wallpaper
City bike
Instead of one crossbar, bike builder Shiko Matsuda opted for two narrower tubes on The "City," leaving enough space for a briefcase to sit on the broad down tube. Wallpaper

I've always been amazed by foldable bicycles, but the Wallpaper limited-edition bikes really take the cake.

The "International" bike, designed by Kinfolk and Coat, is a racing model that can be broken down and stored in a leather bag created by Nivaldo de Lima. The "City" two-wheeler by Level goes for the Japanese-salaryman look and fits into a Brooks briefcase.

Though these amazing bicycles were originally intended as works of art, you can actually buy them via e-mail. The "International" version starts at 2,450 pounds ($3,815.65), while the "City" model goes for 1,255 pounds ($1,954.55).

(Source: Crave Asia)