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Carry an ox (USB) for good luck in 2009

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Check out our list of red products for good fortune in the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Carry good luck and your data in one tiny USB drive.(Credit: Kingston Technology)

Chinese New Year is upon us, and with CNET Australia's HQ in the midst of Sydney's Chinatown, we're well aware that we're approaching the Year of the Ox. Kingston Technology is getting on the bandwagon too, launching a Year of the Ox Limited Edition USB stick.

Designed in traditional red and gold colours, it has an ox graphic incorporating the Chinese characters "Yi-Chou" for 2009. Kingston has previously produced versions for the year of the Pig and Rat, so if you like to collect odd things, you may want to jump in and go for the whole Chinese Zodiac series.

The 4GB drive is available in Australia for AU$19.95. We're not overly superstitious, but for 20 bucks, we might be up for a (practical) lucky charm that holds the promise of good fortune in the coming year.

Those wanting to pony up a bit more cash for even better luck in 2009 may want to consider some other auspicious red products like the:

Kung Hei Fat Choy!