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Nexus 6 pre-orders begin Nov. 12 for about $700

The various carrier pricing and launch details have begun pouring in for the flagship Google smartphone.

Pricing for the 6-inch flagship phone is here. CNET

AT&T and Sprint confirmed the upcoming pre-order and launch details for Google's latest smartphone, the Android 5.0 Lollipop-powered Nexus 6 .

AT&T confirmed it will carry the 32GB model in Midnight Blue with pre-orders commencing on November 12. Strangely, there's still no expectation of a shipping time frame. With that said, there are a variety of purchase options for AT&T's first Nexus handset.

With an all-in price of $683, subscribers can pick up the Nexus 6 for $250 with a two-year service agreement. Qualified buyers can opt to spread payments out on one of three AT&T Next plans.

With $0 down, the options break down as so:

  • $22.77 per month with AT&T Next 24
  • $28.46 per month with AT&T Next 18
  • $34.15 per month with AT&T Next 12

For a limited time, AT&T will knock $50 off the Moto 360 smartwatch , Moto Hint , or Moto Sliver II Bluetooth headset for customers who buy one of those devices alongside a Nexus 6.

Over in Sprint's neck of the woods, we find the Nexus 6 touching down in stores on Friday, November 14. The smartphone will sell for $696 outright or for $0 down (plus tax) and 24 payments of $29 with Sprint's Easy Pay plan.