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Carphone Warehouse announces £3 phone

If you've ever found yourself standing in McDonald's, thinking what you could buy instead of a Big Mac meal, behold the Motorola W180 -- an entire phone for only £3

No, it's not a toy phone, we're serious: the Motorola W180, announced today, can be yours for a mere £2.89 on pay as you go from Carphone Warehouse. That's less than a Big Mac meal, but the W180 manages to offer a slim chassis, a colour screen and an FM radio.

You may remember a while back Motorola announced the F3, a similarly cheap mobile phone that used an electrophoretic display, which was more like a calculator screen than a mobile one -- and made it almost unusable.

The W810 is fortunately a little better kitted-out than its spartan cousin, boasting 40 ring tones, Crystal Talk technology (which supposedly makes phone calls sound better) and -- check this shizzle -- the ability to send text messages.

No, this isn't exactly an iPhone, but if you can do without a camera, mobile Web and all the other bells and whistles, this will save you £339.61.

If you're not partial to Motorola and prefer Samsung's mobile designs, as long as you can stretch your budget to a whopping £5, you should check out the Samsung B130.