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Careful, that DS Lite could blind you

Chromed case mod in all its shiny goodness.


No offense to other types of gadget materials, but we're partial to shiny things ourselves. As a result, we were bummed that we missed out on bidding for 50 Cent's chrome Lamborghini, which went for $310,000 on eBay a few days ago.

But there's at least some consolation in knowing that we could get a chromed-out DS Lite mod to help address our bling fetish until the next big-ticket reflective item comes along. As Technabob notes, the $40 copper and nickel electroplating process makes this version appear a lot more metallic than an official silver model released by Nintendo in Japan recently.

And if you're really ambitious, perhaps you could apply the technique to your mobile phone strap and get a chromed DS Lite charm.