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Care for a round against this boxing robot?

The Punching Pro helps you keep fit by attempting to smash your face in. Sure-fire fun for kids of all ages.

Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

Played any boxing video games, like Fight Night Champion, lately? What if your opponent could hit you in the face? Australian designer Kris Tressider built a robot that can take and deliver plenty of punches.

The Punching Pro is a training partner for those who like to keep fit in unusual ways. It has arms that flail around automatically and a soft head and chest to cushion your blows.

The arms swivel on wheels from a golf cart and are powered by windshield wiper motors attached to steel cables. A dial controls speed and agility, and there's a "martial arts mode" in which the dummy throws hooks and jabs at various speeds.

The arm movements look pretty predictable, but apparently are "semi-randomized." The punches probably don't hurt all that much. The point is to avoid them.

Tressider hopes to sell the Punching Pro for less than a thousand Australian dollars. Would you go for a round or two against it?

(Via IEEE Spectrum)