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Cardboard 'Move-it' makes for instant box trolley

Concept invention lets users easily put together their own recyclable trolley for moving large packages.

Move-it lets you move it easily (click to enlarge). James Dyson Award

Designer David Graham has created a kit called Move-it that transforms any cardboard box into a trolley. This lets the user easily move large packages (up to 44 pounds) even without a dedicated trolley.

The kit is quite simple, with handle and wheel parts that stick onto the box. The adhesive is secure but easily removable so the parts (including the wheel, axle, and chassis) can be reused or recycled. The system is designed to hold up on wet pavement. Watch the video below to see how it works.

In some places, retailers give out flimsy trolleys to those who buy TVs or printers and want to cart them off themselves; Graham's kit, an entrant to the James Dyson Award design competition, should reduce the need for such a giveaway. However, we can't tell if Move-it will be less expensive than those cheap trolleys as it's just a concept product for now. Hopefully it will make it to market at a very low price.

(Source: Crave Asia via Gizmag)