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Cardboard Ferrari aims to cut out emissions

Cardboard Ferrari Millechili is unveiled in Marinello

The Ferrari FXX Millechili in front of an Enzo and the Ferrari F1 car

In the race to make cars lighter, faster, and more economical, Ferrari is thinking outside the box. Well, it's thinking about the box, to be more accurate, as this week it unveiled a concept car made partially from cardboard. Looking very much like a squished Enzo, the full-size FXX Millechili also features a power-assist hybrid drive train (one in which electricity assists rather than replaces the gasoline engine), a carbon fiber frame, and plastic-and-cardboard panels.

Channel 4 speculates that the hybrid power train might be used in Ferrari's F1 cars in conjunction with regenerative braking systems in order to save fuel. The Millechili's active aerodynamic underbody, which relies on jets to channel air under the car and thereby reduce drag, is also a possible design element for F1 models, it speculates. Other lightweight, energy-saving features of the Millechili include smaller, ceramic brake discs and drag-resistant tires. The Millechili is being shown off at Ferrari's 60th anniversary celebrations at the company's base in Marinello this week, but don't expect it to be coming to a showroom (or craft store) any time soon.

Via Channel4