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Card-shaped USB drive to attack your wallet

A new design for a superslim USB drive that takes the shape of a credit card that can be conveniently carried around in your wallet.

Duality indeed exists in me. Just the other day I complained about membership cards and the hassle of having to carry them. Now I am about to rave about something that takes the shape of a card just so that you can carry it around easily.

TopTech Products

It is a USB thumb (or I should say "card") drive from TopTech Products called a Slim Data USB Card. This is a really slim USB drive housed in a case that has the same physical shape as a regular credit card, but is just a tad thicker. When you want to use the drive, you just fold the card in half to reveal the USB connector.

Though original and with obvious practical intention, the device's design, I think, fails to optimize its purpose. As the actual USB drive is so much smaller than the whole device, it would make more sense to put more than one in a package and link them together to increase the storage capacity. Or just make the package smaller; there's no need to make the device with the exact shape and size of a regular credit card just so that you can call it a USB card.

Speaking of which, it would be nice if some credit company took this technology and embedded it onto their actual credit cards as a promotion for signing up. I would probably buy into this more than the junk mail they send.

Other than that, the Slim Data USB Card comes in a variety of colors, including clear, gray, orange, red, and blue. It comes in a 4GB capacity on the Web site, but you can also custom order devices of smaller capacities down to 1GB, and choose different colors. You can even have text printed on its surface.

The Slim Data USB Card weighs merely 0.3 ounce, is compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, and is available for purchase now. The 4GB card costs $25.

Maybe it makes sense to have this one extra card in your wallet, now that you have replaced all other membership cards with the CardStar iPhone application.