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Carbonite: Backup Macs up

Carbonite, the unlimited online backup service, has added support for Apple Macs. With a free trial available, it's good news for Mac users and journalists who like writing on pictures of Han Solo

The Star Wars-inspired online backup program Carbonite now has a Mac version. Macheads will now have access to unlimited online backup of their Apple iMac or Apple MacBook hard drives.

Once you've downloaded the software from Carbonite, you can set it up for automatic scheduled and incremental backups of all or selected files. Backups are double-encrypted and password-protected for security.

Once backed-up, your files can be remotely accessed from anywhere, or restored or transferred to a new computer with Carbonite installed. The program is controlled from a pane in system preferences, and can be paused or slowed to preserve bandwidth.

Carbonite is designed to run on Intel-based Macs with OS 10.4 or 10.5. Unlimited backup costs $54.95 (£40) per year, or around £3 a month in real money. A free 15-day trial is also available, which requires only an email address to get started. Other Mac back-up services include Mozy and ClunkClick, but if we wrote about them we wouldn't have been able to use a picture of Han Solo.