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Car seat knows when you need a nap

Researchers developing seat that detects drowsiness

Pink Tentacle

There are a number of technologies on the market aimed at keeping us from falling asleep, especially while behind the wheel, but they usually involve some kind of device affixed to the noggin. Researchers in Japan, however, are working on a protype car seat that senses when you're about to nod off by monitoring pulse, respiration and other physical changes that typically occur 10 minutes before someone falls asleep, according to Pink Tentacle.

Sensors are embedded throughout the seat to detect those changes and, eventually, some kind of alarm system will be included to kick in when Mr. Sandman comes calling. Unfortunately, scientists are still about five years from developing a version for consumers. But once it's available, we think it should be marketed at Starbucks instead of all those useless products collecting dust now.