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Car-boat looks good on land or sea

Finally, a dual-personality vehicle that won't embarrass you.

Gibbs Technologies

If there's one childhood gadget fantasy that's endured through adulthood, it would be the car boat. But the few we've always seen have looked too weird to ever drive on the road, kind of like a canoe with wheels. U.K.-based Gibbs Technologies, however, has one that looks convincing on both land and sea.

Not only that, but Popular Mechanics says the "Aquada" has a 175-horsepower engine that can reach 100 mph on the road. Then, in less than 13 seconds, the amphibious wonder can retract its the wheels and switch to water-jet propulsion, reaching more than 30 mph in water.

Better still, it's coming to U.S. shores, literally, in 2009 for under $100,000--that's less than half what it's going for overseas at present. That might sound a bit high at first but, remember, you'd be getting two vehicles for the price of one.