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Capture clip system holds camera when you can't

Securely hang a dSLR from any belt or strap with this Kickstarter-funded little clip.

There seem to be a lot of camera-related projects coming out of, though most are for use with the iPhone 4 (including one of my favorites, the olloclip). The Capture camera clip system is one of the few for use with a regular camera, allowing you to quickly and securely attach your camera--regardless of size or weight--to any belt or strap.

It's not so much that I want to walk around with a large camera strapped to my hip, but to be able to go hands-free fast and without the camera swinging around would be very nice. Especially for changing lenses as the designer, Peter Dering, demonstrates about 2 minutes into this video.

There are 18 days to go before its funding is complete through Kickstarter. (It's well beyond the $10,000 goal amount, though.) If you help out with the initial funding with a $50 pledge you'll get one of the first Capture clips available (currently shipping for August 1); it's going up to $70 plus tax and shipping once the funding closes on July 16.

The product page also says there are accessories coming, too, including an extension kit for attaching to a bike, roof rack, or other nonflexible things and a connection plate with a ball head for turning just about anything into a stable support.