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Can everyone just leave Captain Picard alone and let him read?

Hey Worf, keep the music down and the fighting to a minimum, will ya? The Captain wants to engage with his book.

Poor Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He has such a refined soul, dreaming of his family vineyard and a nice cup of Earl Grey and longing to just settle down in a plush armchair with a volume of Shakespeare. Too bad all those darn Borg and Klingons and crew members clamoring for attention keep getting in his way.

In a new video Belgian artist Jan van den Hemel posted on his Gazorra YouTube channel Monday, Captain Picard wanders the Enterprise, book in hand, nigh-oblivious to the death and destruction going on around him. Edited clips from various "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes combine to show just how darn difficult it is for a starship captain to get a little personal time.

The best moment comes at about 25 seconds in, when Picard shuts Worf down in a way that's familiar to any parent whose kid turns the TV or music up too loud. Make it so, Jean-Luc.

(Via Red Shirts Always Die)