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Captain Marvel merchandise isn't kitten around with Goose and Carol

From keychains to action figures to shirts and sunglasses, you can have Captain Marvel in your life -- and her little cat, too.

Brie Larson may be the star of Captain Marvel, which opened Friday and is already raking in the bucks. But the cat she stars with, dubbed Goose in the superhero film, is a cute furry presence in much of the movie merchandise. 

Here are some fun finds that will keep Captain Marvel in your life long after the postcredit scenes roll. 

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Watch out: $40


What time is it? Time to go back to the '90s, when Captain Marvel is set. 

Through superhero eyes: $85

Diff Eyewear

See the world through Captain Marvel-colored aviator sunglasses. 

The write stuff: $15

Shop Disney

Rub your hand down the image on the cover of this journal and the sparkly reversible sequins flip from blue, gold and red to teal, black and silver.

Cap it off: $34

New Era

Captain Marvel is a bit confused by headgear with logos or wording on it, but what does she know? This is a pretty cool hat. 

Solemate: $30

Hot Topic

Snazzy high-tops like these will help you rule the playground, the basketball court, or just the mall. 

Dress-up days: $128

Shop Disney

There are plenty of Captain Marvel-themed dresses, from kiddie costumes to sexier fare, but this halter-neck offering is a favorite.

'90s style: $22


Brie Larson's character wears a faded Nine Inch Nails shirt in the 1990s-set film, and this subtle shirt has that same well-worn, well-loved look.

Marvel-ous purse: $39

Hot Topic

This Captain Marvel-styled crossbody bag doesn't bray out the character's name or face, but it uses the stylish star logo to smart effect.

Now ear this: $11

Hot Topic

Change your Captain Marvel-style earrings on a daily basis with this five-pack. 

Key to the film: $8


Goose, who reportedly is not your normal cat (no spoilers beyond that), appears on a cute Funko Pop keychain. Maybe the furball will use its powers to help you remember where you parked.

Crazy cat lady: $24


Goose is also an accessory to this 11.5-inch action figure, fitting right in Carol Danvers' backpack. 

Get your motor running: $20


Goose isn't the only Captain Marvel character to get the Funko treatment. Here, Carol Danvers zooms off into the distance on her motorcycle. 

Blast of power: $15


It's not exactly Hulk Hands, but Captain Marvel's ability to shoot photon blasts from her clenched fists gets honored in this cool Photon Power FX Glove, which features light and sound effects.

Fur-ocious: $20


A stuffed version of Goose looks like a real softie.