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Caped couture: Dress like a DC Comics superhero

Geek clothier Black Milk is on the verge of launching a new superhero collection, riffing on Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Superman... and Rorschach.

Australia's very own geek clothing label for women, Black Milk, finally broke into superhero-themed outfits last month with its Batman collection, featuring T-shirts, dresses, swimsuits, and leggings featuring Gotham's most infamous miscreants -- and the Dark Knight himself.

Black Milk

But there's more superhero goodness in store. In a miniature collection called Heroes Ammo, Black Milk has a little something for fans of other DC Comics heroes -- not the least of which is a brilliant Wonder Woman swimsuit with a detachable cape.

"Superheroes are a huge part of pop culture, which is something we've always had an attachment to," Black Milk's Cameron Parker told CNET Australia. "The superhero ideology is something that really resonates within our community as well, they've been begging us to do it. The idea of dressing up and using clothing to create an identity is something we love to do."

As well as pieces themed for Superman -- (New 52 Superman, with a red belt and no red undies); Wonder Woman (thankfully not the New 52 Wonder Woman); and Watchmen (a Rorschach T-shirt and Tales of the Black Freighter T-shirt), the collection includes Catwoman-themed outfits that cross over with the Batman collection, and some sparkly America-themed skater dresses, hoodies, and leggings -- because superheroes are quintessentially American, the company said.

"We went with characters that we feel a connection to," Parker said. "Superman and Wonder Woman are your quintessential superheroes, and Rorschach from Watchmen is one of the most fascinating and complex comic characters ever created. It balances out -- on one side you have Superman and Wonder Woman who were really born to be heroes, and then you have Rorschach who is an exploration into how an average person would cope with the duel identities and motivations involved with being a superhero."

It's also important to note that the caped Wonder Woman and Superman swimsuits will not give you the ability to fly, but that doesn't make them any less cool.

"Batman was very popular when we did our first DC Comics collection, but I have a feeling Wonder Woman is going to take over as the new favorite," Parker said.

Pricing starts at AU$60 (about $55, €40) for the T-shirts, through to AU$120 (about $110, €87) for the Catwoman catsuits. The line will go on sale on Thursday, March 27; you can check out the full collection on Black Milk's Pinterest page.

(Source: Crave Australia)