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Can't make the ballgame? Be there in spirit as a robot

A South Korean baseball team has installed robots at the stadium that display faces and messages of fans who can't make it to the game.

The Hanwah Eagles, a South Korean baseball team, has an extremely dedicated fan base despite a pretty abysmal record of late that reminds us of the lowly Chicago Cubs.

Recently, the team released a video showing a cool yet creepy new addition to its ballpark perfect for those who can't make every game in person.

The stadium now features three rows of seats filled with robots holding displays that can be used to broadcast messages sent from those who can't attend the game. Better yet, each robot is equipped with an LED screen on its head that displays the face of the person who submitted the message.

Almost 90,000 messages have been submitted so far, suggesting that fans are pretty receptive to their new fanbot masters. Perhaps a thousand years into the future when blernsball replaces baseball, all the fans watching the New New York Yankees/Mets games will be robots. And not just the bending kind.

You too can put your face on a fanbot. Because why not? Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Sploid)