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MP3 Players

Can't get no sleep: MobiBLU B153

We've seen MP3 players with big hard drives, large screens, wide support for different codecs... But what about an MP3 player that could kill you if you listened to it until the battery ran out?

Psychologists who conducted sleep-deprivation experiments on rats discovered that after three weeks of being forbidden to sleep, the rats would die. It is, then, with some trepidation that we have begun tests on the MobiBlu B153 MP3 player (aka the DAH-1900), capable of playing music for 153 hours straight.

Given that the average human will begin to hallucinate after just four days without sleep, one of our journalists is going to have to sacrifice their mental wellbeing to make sure the B153 lives up to its Korean makers' ludicrous battery-life claim -- almost six-and-a-half days of continuous play.

The £150 B153's 2GB of flash memory gives you the same capacity as the mid-range iPod nano, but our initial impressions of sound quality fall far below what we'd hoped for. Essentially, the B153 is a relatively cheap and small MP3 player with an enormous battery pack stuck onto the side. Like a baby pearl-diving with a giant aqualung, the B153 may last a long time underwater, but what's the point when its podgy little hands are unlikely to dredge up any jewels? Expect a full review soon. -CS