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Can't afford the flight? Create your own Air Force One flyover

You probably don't have the $328,835 to spend on a fancy New York photo shoot, but CNET readers surely have the skills to create their own photo ops, and for much less than the $328,835 it cost the White House.

James Martin/CNET

Update 1:10 p.m. PDT: If you tried sending an image to the e-mail address provided earlier Monday and it bounced back, please try sending it again to my e-mail address, provided below, while we straighten out our e-mail kinks.

You probably don't have your own Air Force One, or the $328,835 to spend on a fancy New York photo shoot like the United States government, but with a few basic Photoshop skills and an Air Force One press photo, we're betting you can make some pretty convincing images of Air Force One flyovers, without sending people running in the streets.

1. Copy this press photo of Air Force One:

Air Force One
White House

2. Take one of your photos of tech landmarks and locations and paste in Air Force One! Voila! Air Force One flyover of WWDC like the one I did above? Macworld? Google headquarters?

3. Send an e-mail with your best Photoshopped images to

Here's an example of an Air Force One flyby at CNET's San Francisco's headquarters. James Martin/CNET