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Canon's Photo5 box: challenge us!

Time to start thinking outside of the box about your photography. Come join us as we tackle the Photo5 challenge.

It's Photo5 time once again, photographers. Time to show us what you've got.

(Credit: CBSi)

Each year, the Canon Photo5 competition encourages photographers of all skill levels to submit images based on five different themes. Receiving a small cardboard box, photographers respond to the enclosed briefs within a set time frame to win prizes.

This year, the Photo5 box contains four physical objects and one open brief chosen by the public — reflections. The other four briefs are:

  • High contrast: a sachet of flour

  • Personify: a range of cartoon eyes of varying sizes

  • Light: a sachet of pink jelly

  • Shadow: an assortment of stencils of differing shapes and sizes.

This year, we thought we'd try something a bit different and take the Photo5 challenge ourselves. The briefs closed for submissions on 30 September, but we won't be entering the competition properly, just having some fun here on CNET Australia.

Want to join the challenge with us? Email us at with your photo. You don't need to have received a Photo5 box, so feel free to interpret the themes with whatever you have handy.

We'll showcase the best reader photos and our own attempts in a gallery after the competition closes.

Update: we'll be posting your photos next week, so email us with your submission now!