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Canon Xeed projectors calibrate like the Dulux dog

Canon's new range of projectors are cooler than monkey badminton -- they automatically adjust the picture to the colour of your wall, to give perfect whites

"Hello? Tech support? There's a spooky looking corporate-drone ghost-man coming out of the top of my projector."

Canon should expect to get lots of calls like this if their marketing photography (right) is anything to go by. Their vision of a businessman in the next decade appears to be an alien from Spielberg's A.I. Such naive future-gazing is easily forgiven though, because Canon's new range of projectors are cooler than four monkeys playing badminton.

The new Xeed models are not merely high-def floozies, but they can automatically white-balance to any coloured wall. We watched Canon demonstrate this technology in Parsons Green yesterday and flabbergasted doesn't come close to describing the expression plastered across our ugly little faces. This idea is Einsteinian in its scope.

If your reservation over getting a projector is the hassle of setting up a white screen against your green living room walls, then reserve no more. True AV geeks like projector screens, but we think they're just more kit to clutter up our living rooms, so we say "Bah humbug!" to screens.  The new Canons can automatically gauge the colour of your living room wall and then adjust the balance on the projector to give you pure, clean whites. For the screen-averse cinema fan, this is the biggest revolution we've seen in projector tech since the transition from three-gun to LCD. Snap a Xeed up quick and be the first to be tried as a witch in your street. -CS