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Canon X Mark I Mouse: Crazy calculator maths mouse mash-up

The Canon X Mark I Mouse puts the fun into functions and the nom into binomial by mashing up number keypad, calculator and mouse, all rounding up to one crazy package

Three rounds up to one in the Canon X Mark I Mouse, or as we have now christened it, the X Mark I Calcu-mouse. It's a maths-tastic mash-up of a calculator, Bluetooth wireless mouse and numeric keypad that puts the fun into functions and the cool into, er, coolculus.

The Calcu-mouse pairs to your computer via Bluetooth. You can then use the two click buttons, scroll wheel and 1,200dpi sensor to mouse your cursor about like you haven't got a care in the world, or get down to some serious mathematics.

The X Mark 1 features a panel of number keys that function as either a numeric keypad or a calculator. The keys can be locked to avoid accidentally doing unplanned polynomial geometry while mousing around, but we found that wasn't a problem as your hand only rests lightly on the number keys most of the time. You really need to move your fingers off the mousey-clicky bit to use the mathy-clicky bit so unpremeditated trigonometry isn't a problem.

Our only complaint is that the screen is on the flat part of the mouse's curve facing straight upwards, which means you need to be sitting up straight to read it. Here at Crave we're more your slacker mathmeticians -- we have satin jackets that say 'Slackermeticians' on the back -- so we prefer to slouch while we're solving quadratic equations. It is especially good for use by anyone out on the road with a laptop that doesn't have its own numeric keypad, like hobo statisticians or Kiss' accountants.

The Canon X Mark I Calcu-mouse hits shops in November for £40, which as far as we're concerned adds up to a bargain.